Our employees

Our employees are the experts

Our Pedagocial Employees have everything they need to support your child in the best possible way. After all, the development of children is an ongoing process. So we never stand still. We continue to research, learn and innovate. By doing so, we gather the knowledge and experience that will help children continue to develop to their full potential. Our people are an essential part of this process; they are the experts in child development.

A lot of thought to employee development

At CompaNanny, we devote a lot of thought to employee development. Our own CompAcademy offers employees training courses that help them grow as professionals and individuals.

Every year, more than 1,000 (online) training places are available in the areas of pedagogy, personal development and leadership. In addition to offering education and training, at CompaNanny we also pay a lot of attention to job satisfaction. With the important goal that employees in the group feel seen, valued and happy. When employees feel good about themselves, the children are happy too!

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Working in close teams

At all CompaNanny branches, close-knit teams of Pedagogical Assistants work together with Pedagogical Coaches, Housekeeping Assistants, Assistant Managers and (Deputy) Branch Managers. They work well together and strengthen each other. Together, they create high-quality childcare, a second home for your child.

As a parent, you will have the most contact with the pedagogical staff, but you will also meet the other staff members at the location. They are responsible for all peripheral matters and together ensure that our pedagogical staff can give their full attention to the children.

Collega Teun vertelt over zijn werk bij CompaNanny


Deputy Branch manager

I can't imagine any other work I would get so much satisfaction from!