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I want to register my child with compananny. How can i do that?

I want to register my second or next child with compananny. How can i do that?

What happens after I register?

Are there costs associated with registration?

I want to make a change to my contract. How do I do that?

I want to transfer to another branch, is that possible?

Can I pause my contract?

Can I renew the contract when my child turns 4?

Does my KDV contract automatically become a BSO contract?

My child is about to start school, should I cancel the contract myself?

How can I cancel my contract?

I want to cancel my contract before my childs starts with you, how does it work?

What is the notice period?

What services do you offer?

What is the difference between playgroup and pre-school care (VVE)?

For how many weeks per year do you offer childcare?

Do BSO contracts include full-day care during study and/or school holidays?

Which schools do you work with for BSO?

Do you offer flexible contracts?

Do you offer bilingual childcare?

Where can I find my invoice?

Where can I find my annual statement?

What should I do if my invoice is incorrect?

I have a question about a payment. Where can I ask this question?

When will the payment be collected?

What are the costs for childcare?

How can I calculate my costs?

Do I get a discount for a second or subsequent child?

When do the rates change?

Am I entitled to childcare allowance?

How can I calculate my childcare allowance?

(How) Can I have the childcare allowance transferred to CompaNanny directly?

How can I report that my child is not coming?

Can I exchange days?

When can I exchange a day?

When will my exchange day be approved?

I am on holiday, can I make up for these day(s)?

Can I exchange a holiday?

How long is my exchange day valid?

My exchange day is about to expire, what happens now?

Are exchange days or credits transferable?

When will I receive a credit?

How can I use my credit?

My credit is about to expire, what happens now?

Can I request an extra day?

My request for an extra day has been rejected, what now?

My request for an extra day of care has been approved. How do I pay?

I want to submit my request for all my children, is that possible?

I don't need the extra day of childcare (anymore). What now?

How do I file a complaint?