About CompaNanny

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Our mission statement

'Creating tomorrow: We believe in a better world and build generations to contribute to it every day'

Our Vision

We offer quality in everything we do, deliver what we promise and always put children's development first. We are the experts in child development. We share our knowledge and expertise, are the training provider for pedagogues and the inspiration for everyone involved in childcare and child development.

Founder Bas Beek about CompaNanny

Oprichter van CompaNanny Bas Beek

Bas Beek

Founder CompaNanny

It is the children who will soon take over from us. The better they are guided in their development, the more society will benefit in the future.

The history of CompaNanny

The name CompaNanny is an amalgamation of Nanny in the company. With this idea, Bas Beek founded CompaNanny in 2002. From his job in the business world, he saw how important it is for working parents to bring their children to a place where they are not only cared for, but receive the best guidance in their development. After all, the first five years in a child's life are essential for the person he or she will become later.

Bas opened CompaNanny's first branch in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam in 2003. This was followed by Prinsenhof in The Hague, in the middle of a bustling office complex. After opening a number of branches between offices, branches followed in residential areas and outside major cities.

In 2004, the CompaNanny logo was designed. There is a beautiful thought behind the elephant as a symbol for Compananny. After all, elephants take care of other people's children all their lives, they consider them their own. In addition, elephants are among the most intelligent animals. They have the ability to learn, have a sense of humour, are self-aware and have a good memory.

In 20 years, CompaNanny has grown into a professional childcare organisation with over 50 branches across the Netherlands and a head office in Amsterdam with over 100 employees. Not only do we contribute to children's development at our branches, we share our knowledge and expertise in the form of webinars, blogs and our own podcast, the Opvoedcast! Despite the growth, CompaNanny feels like a family business and Bas remains closely involved. Together, we continue to build new generations every day!