Zaaijerplein 16, 6861 ZP

Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 18:30.

026-482 0002

CompaNanny Zaaijerplein

On the north side of Oosterbeek, you'll find CompaNanny Zaaijerplein. At this location housed in an old school building from the 1920s, we offer Daycare for children aged 0-4.

Hi, I'm Bianca
Interim Branch Manager CompaNanny Zaaijerplein
"I greatly enjoy the warmth and commitment of the staff and the children who come to play with us with big smiles."

Daycare at CompaNanny Zaaijerplein

This beautiful, authentic building has been transformed into a spacious and homely Day Care centre with 3 baby groups (0-2 years) and 2 toddler groups (2-4 years). In the large hall of our facility, we can play gym, yoga or drama with the toddlers. A special feature at this location is that, with parental permission and supervision, we let the toddlers sleep outside in the indoor garden. In Scandinavia, this is the most normal thing in the world!

Our Daycare is all about playing and discovering together, in our challenging groups or during trips With our appropriate activities for each age group, we always respond to your child's developmental stage. We work with our own well-thought-out pedagogical vision, which forms the basis for our mindful working method, well-trained employees and extra services for parents.

Rates per hour 2024

Daycare: €10.38 gross


Healthy snacks and meals

With a hot organic lunch prepared every day by Moekes maaltijd.


We have nappies from Pampers in all sizes. Pampers nappy wipes and various care products.

Bottle feeding

Various types of bottle feeding are available. We always consult parents about special requests.

Trips and activities

To the forest, playground or petting zoo together.

LRK number and GGD inspection report

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