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When you visit our website, you are asked to give permission for the use of cookies. Cookies are small data files that we store on devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet or other mobile devices) used to access our website so that we can recognise returning users. Each cookie expires after a certain period of time, depending on what it is used for. Like most other commercial websites, we use cookies on CompaNanny's web pages. There are several reasons for this. Below is a list describing the different cookies we use on our site.

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These cookies allow us to measure visitors' browsing behaviour on our website so that we can improve the layering of information and user convenience.

- Google Analytics and Google Tagmanager: A tracking service that gives us insight into visitor behaviour, with the aim of improving user experience on the website and from CompaNanny's online advertisements.

- Hotjar: A tracking service that helps us find out what can be improved on the website to improve the user experience.


Functional cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website, such as an automatic log-in or the automatic filling in of your details. In addition, your cookie preferences are stored.


Cookies that are used to record surfing behaviour so that it is possible to show you relevant ads or content about an establishment you are interested in across different domains. We do not share these tracking cookies with third parties.

- Google AdWords: cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to display on third-party sites (Google) the most relevant ad for a specific user based on your recent searches. Google Adwords uses session and persistent cookies for its advertising products.

- Facebook pixel: cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show relevant Facebook ads on third-party sites (Facebook) for a specific user based on behaviour on the website.