Compananny's seven values

We believe it is important to shape future generations in a qualitative way based on vision and collaboration. Our goal is to provide children with the skills and values they will need to be able to contribute to society later on. Which is why we have seven core values ​​that are central in our pedagogic method. We believe that these values ​​bring out the best in children and form the basis for optimal development: Respect | Responsibility | Decisiveness | Self-confidence | Authenticity | Curiosity | Creativity

Respect for oneself, others and the world

Having respect for yourself and others. It sounds so obvious, but it’s not always easy to put into practice. Which is why we believe it is important for us to teach children early on what respect is. Frustrations often arise during a child’s development. For example, when they don’t manage to crawl or when your favourite toy is always played with by others.

At CompaNanny we offer children the space to take time for whatever it is they want to learn, and we show respect for their process. We give them space for their emotions, we acknowledge them and we respect them. No matter how small they are. We teach children to have respect for themselves, for others and for the world around them. We let them develop at their own pace, without judgment.
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In our daily activities, we constantly focus on stimulating the children’s self-confidence. By allowing children to do and discover things themselves, their self-confidence grows. When we give children the space to find a solution themselves, they also enjoy the process more. Of course, we offer help when needed, but trying things oneself is important for one’s development and also a lot of fun! And when they succeed, it’s a success they can truly call their own. Self-confidence is very important to grow up to become an independent, happy person.


At CompaNanny we take everyone’s needs into account. That is why we always look at your child as an individual. We provide an environment in which children can make their own decisions and in which their choices are taken seriously. We listen to your child and encourage them to be themselves. In a world full of change and diversity, it is important to know who you are and what you want. This personality development starts at a young age, which is why we tell children what it means to be sincere and how beautiful it is to be unique. Because every child is welcome to be who they are!
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Early learning a sense of responsibility teaches children to be aware of their behaviour and its consequences. They learn that they have influence on aspects within and outside their own lives. Our Nannies explain to your child that things can break if you throw them, but also what the effect is if you are unkind to someone else. By naming behaviour and consequences without judgment, we help children to become more aware of the relationship between the two.


At CompaNanny we give children the space to make their own choices. For example, children can choose from three types of fruits or decide whether they want to play on the climbing frame or in the sandbox. This way, we teach them that they have an influence over things themselves. Deciding on an approach or solution also gives a child understanding and experience for the next situation. Our Nannies stimulate this by encouraging children to first find an answer themselves and ask open questions. Older children are also involved in thinking about, and deciding on, the themes and activities.
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Children want to explore and discover and all are curious by nature. At CompaNanny, children are given the time and space to go on a voyage of discovery themselves. They can go through each new experience at their own pace in a way that they are comfortable with. This way we stimulate their curiosity. Playing freely, without any instructions, also stimulates curiosity. The activities we carry out have a high ‘research content’ and the Nannies provide an environment that challenges and matches every level of development.


We encourage creativity by allowing children to play freely and by offering undefined and passive material. Playing independently and being able to do what they want calls on the development of your child’s imagination. Because without a set plan, there are of course plenty more options. Passive toys are materials that do nothing unless your child actively initiates play. When it comes to playing, we place emphasis on the process rather than the end result. Which, in turn, stimulates creativity.
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