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CompaNanny Postpad

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CompaNanny Postpad is located in the De Paasbergschool, right in the heart of Oosterbeek. Situated where the school’s Junior classrooms used to be, the branch is bright with spacious groups and a separate play hall where children can let off steam on the gym equipment or give theatre performances. We have a large adventure garden out front, as well as two private playgrounds adjoining the groups for the youngest children, each with a playhouse. At CompaNanny Postpad, we offer Daycare, Lunchtime (Mid-School) Care and After-School Care services.


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The branch is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. 
The childcare at our Daycare takes place from 7:30 am until 6:30 pm. 
Our After-School Care collects children from the De Paasbergschool and De Bernulphusschool, and we offer childcare for them until 6:30 pm. The After-School Care is open all day on teacher training days and during school holidays. 

Daycare 2021: 52 weeks €8.43 | 46 weeks (incl. six weeks holiday childcare) €8.90 

After-School Care 2021: 52 weeks from €7.92 | 46 weeks (incl. six weeks school holiday childcare) from €8.58 | 40 weeks (excl. school holiday childcare) from €8.89

Lunchtime (Mid-School) Care 2021: In combination with After-School Care €3.10 | without After-School Care €3.32

The above rates are the rates per hour for a whole day for 2021. The monthly net costs depend on how many days of childcare you take and whether you are entitled to childcare allowance. 
Our rates include everything your child needs during the day, such as nappies, formula and sandwiches for lunch.

For more information about half-day childcare and the After-School Care rate per school, please contact our Customer Care team.

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You will need the following LRK numbers* to apply for childcare allowance:

LRK number KDV (Daycare): 861391068

LRK number BSO (After-School Care): 366049744

The GGD conducts annual inspections at our branches to check that we comply with all the necessary laws and regulations. You can read their findings about our Daycare and After-School Care in the GGD inspection reports.

* National Childcare Register number + was formerly known as Villa Vorstelijk.