Together the world is more fun
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At CompaNanny we teach children essential norms and values. Being social is one of them. Social children share with others and communicate.
They listen and make clear what they think and
feel. These first lessons a child learns at CompaNanny.
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  • Together the world is more fun
  • Trying youself
  • The world is yours.
  • I am good at music
  • Could he see or hear me?
  • I am faster than the ball
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Child Development

Your child’s development depends not only on the upbringing and care that you, as parents/guardians, provide, but also on the world around him/her. We ensure we provide the ideal environment to grow up in. A safe place that feels like home. A place where trust and respect ensure that your child can develop at his/her own pace under the guidance of the best people. CompaNanny is more than a ‘good feeling’. CompaNanny is the impetus for your child’s social-emotional development.