The six themes at After-School Care

Every six weeks, we focus on a different theme at our After-School Care. Our Nannies respond to what is going on with the children so that it matches their interests. There are six fixed themes that rotate between our locations throughout the year. Each theme has a special ‘theme box’ and to introduce each theme an external expert is invited to introduce the theme, such as a breakdance teacher (for the Sport & Movement theme) or a graffiti artist (for the Art theme).

The consciousness theme

With the theme of Consciousness, we focus on reflection. How do we influence our own lives and those of others? And what influence do we have on the world? We think about what we feel, think, dream and do. What actually happens to you when someone does something you don’t like? We talk about what we feel inside and how we react. We discuss what we consider important in life and why. Consciousness is wide-ranging and is about your child as an individual, but also about his or her place within a group or in society.

Compananny Kinderopvang Welke Opvang Buitenschoolse Opvang Club Lezen
Compananny Kinderopvang Welke Opvang Buitenschoolse Opvang Club Plezier

The society theme

Every child knows the Netherlands, but in this theme we also look at other countries and cultures. What are the similarities and the differences between these societies? Every culture has unique characteristics in terms of food, music, dance, rules and more. A society is not only a group of people, but also a collection of individuals who all have their own story to tell. How can we best live together in one world? These are the kinds of questions we address during the Society theme.

The Nature theme

At the After-School Care we get to know the world of flora and fauna through the Nature theme. What animal groups are there? And what is the difference between an amphibian and a reptile? We take a look at the encyclopedia together and learn about how volcanoes work or how the world was created. Nature is not only about plants and animals; it is also about birth, death and life. Where do you come from and what is your nature? For example, we talk about who is naturally good at certain things, what character means (and what everyone’s character is).

Compananny Kinderopvang Inbegrepen BSO Uitstapjes
Compananny Kinderopvang Welke Opvang Buitenschoolse Opvang Club Proefjes

The Research & Technology theme

We want to encourage the ‘Why?’ and ‘How does this work?’ questions. We carry out experiments and tests, for example to light a bulb or to turn a propeller. We talk about why your hands get warm when you rub them together and how windmills can turn. And what does it mean when people research something? And why should we actually conduct research into medicines, for example? Together we look for the answers!

The Sport & Movement theme

Movement is all around us. Think of the ants in the garden, the clouds in the sky, but also the earth turning. Where things are in motion, there is a story behind it. And that’s what we investigate together! In this theme, we also discuss why it is important to exercise; but above all: we do it. So we discover sports that are not so well-known in the Netherlands and practice sports that we have never done before.

Compananny Kinderopvang Inbegrepen BSO Activiteiten Vestiging
Compananny Kinderopvang Welke Opvang Buitenschoolse Opvang Spelletje

The Art theme

Art is more than expressing creativity. Who is artistic in what? And what is the difference with talent? You can learn an art or copy it from someone. We discuss what we like and what it means when we say that tastes differ. Because that is also what art is: a quest and an adventure. Sometimes you do it alone, but sometimes you do it with others. This way your child discovers what makes art and whether everyone thinks and feels the same about a art.