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This is the podcast for all your questions regarding the upbringing and development of your child(ren)! A helpline that's been specially created to help all those parents/guardians who are so overwhelmed with advice that they can no longer see the wood for the trees. Coaches Amber and Laurie share practical tips, valuable insights and useful facts based on questions that have been submitted by our listeners. For example, they discuss why your baby is unable to fall asleep without you, why your toddler wants to do absolutely everything themself, why timeouts are pointless, and the best way to start potty training. We give you the answers! All of which are based on the knowledge and experience of educational experts, on scientific research and on the working methods of childcare organisation CompaNanny. Listen in every month and find inspiration for everything you come across when raising your child(ren).

*Please note that the podcast is only in Dutch

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