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CompaNanny is an energetic and innovative organisation with a social mission. For more than 17 years, we have been working every day to help shape future generations. We are an ambitious organisation where everyone is equal, where we treat each other with respect and where we work together based on trust. With more than 1,000 people, we work towards the same goal every day. We are a young and progressive group of people who believes that no matter how good we are at what we do, there is always room for improvement.

De directie

Eva Brouwer-Jacobson

Chief Operating Officer
Responsible for: Operations; Day-to-Day Management; HR; Learning and Development

"CompaNanny’s mission is my motivation. During my 10 years here, I have gotten to know all the aspects of operations and that has shown me that it’s our employees who make the difference. That’s why I dedicate myself each and every day towards their development. Because the best employees ensure a place where children can develop optimally."

Boukje Kuijs-Nauta

Chief Commercial Officer
Responsible for: Customer Care; Marketing and Communications; Growth and Innovation; Housekeeping and Maintenance

"In an ever-changing world, growth, innovation and development are key. In my role, I focus on ‘the now’ and the future. In addition to passionate and inspiring colleagues, I am energised by the dynamics between commerce, innovation and the corporate social responsibility of CompaNanny’s mission."

Bart Grievink

Chief Financial Officer
Responsible for: Financial and Personnel Administration; Financial and Business Control

"Providing quality and continuity requires a solid financial foundation. In a growing organisation, the optimisation of processes are therefore crucial for this. Together with my colleagues, I ensure that CompaNanny can offer children, parents/guardians and employees the best quality possible, each and every day. Now and in the future." 

The locations

The locations

Each week, we welcome around 5,000 children at more than 50 CompaNanny locations across the Netherlands. Our locations are our business cards. Here, the teams ensure that the children are cared for in a safe, professional and dedicated manner and that parents/guardians are satisfied. Each location is headed by a Branch Manager. At the large(er) locations, the Branch Manager is supported by a Deputy Branch Manager. Each Branch Manager is supervised by a regional Operations Manager, who manages several Branch managers within a region.

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The head office

We want to reach as many children as possible with our mission and offer the best quality for each child, so that they can develop in an optimal way. In order to achieve this, our teams at head office are also essential. About 70 energetic, enthusiastic people work here, ensuring that the colleagues at the locations can devote all their attention to the children and have as little to do with preconditions and organisational tasks as possible. Each team brings its own expertise to the mix and together we all work towards the same objectives.

The expertise at our head office

The head office