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Childcare in Leiden

In the autumn of 2017, CompaNanny opened its doors on Burggravenlaan in Leiden. When choosing the location for this branch, we focused on a number of factors: a favourable site in terms of living and work; space and light; an outdoor space; and atmosphere. Together, all these aspects form the perfect CompaNanny location.

Who we are

Over the years, CompaNanny has developed its own Pedagogic Vision. This relates to the way we communicate with children, how our buildings are furnished, what toys we provide and what the children eat when with us. Everything has been carefully considered. What’s more, we offer extended opening hours and we work with the very best people! And our employee base is pretty large in number already, as CompaNanny has grown considerably since 2003. In fact, in October 2020, we welcomed our 1,000th employee!

If you’d like to know what the parents/guardians and children say about us, you can find out here.

Childcare in Leiden

CompaNanny Burggravenlaan offers Nursery and After-School Care services and is located on the grounds of the Lorentz primary school playground.

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