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Compananny Mheenpark

Until 2022, Apeldoorn knew this branch as De Kangoeroe. After a takeover in that year, this branch continued under the name CompaNanny Mheenpark. CompaNanny Mheenpark is located just outside the centre of Apeldoorn and is surrounded by nature.

Types of childcare in Apeldoorn
CompaNanny Mheenpark provides childcare for children aged 0 to 4 years old. All CompaNanny branches are characterised by bright and homely groups that radiate tranquillity. In addition, there is plenty of outdoor space for the children and the locations are conveniently located for living and working.

Who we are
Over the years, CompaNanny has developed its own pedagogical vision. This relates to the way we communicate with children, how our premises are furnished, what toys we have and what children eat with us. Everything has been thought through. We also have long opening hours and work with the very best people! That's quite a lot of employees by now, because CompaNanny has grown considerably since 2003. In October 2020, the counter stood at no less than 1000 employees!

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Our colleagues in Apeldoorn are looking for reinforcement!
Are you or do you know someone with the right qualifications who wants to work as a pedagogical employee? Then contact us, because our team of enthusiastic and friendly colleagues is looking for reinforcement. Flexible working hours, travel allowance, training & education, bonuses, we have it all.

Our branches in Apeldoorn
CompaNanny Mheenpark
Pinksterbloem 36