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We can imagine that you will have all sorts of questions when looking for and deciding upon childcare for your child(ren). That’s why we have listed a number of Frequently Asked Questions for you to go through. If you can’t find your query here, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 417 0117.

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What factors does CompaNanny take into account when deciding whether my child can be placed?

We take several factors into account. The date of registration is one of them. Even more important is the combination of the desired start date and the days on which you wish to have childcare. CompaNanny gives priority to parents/guardians who want to have childcare on a Wednesday or Friday, because these are often the days when more places are available. As our groups are divided by age, the age of your child is also an important factor. We also give priority to siblings of children who are already at CompaNanny. We strive to confirm options regarding starting at CompaNanny at least six months before the desired start date.

I would like to register my second/next child with CompaNanny. How can I do that?

In the event of a new family member or, for example, if you are interested in another service (such as the transition from Daycare to After-School Care), you can register directly via our website. Of course, you can also always contact our Customer Care team by phone or email.

How can I register my child with CompaNanny?

You can register your child for one (up to three) of our branches, with no obligation and free of charge, via our website. Registration does not bind you to anything, but it does increase your chance of a place. After we have received your registration, we check if we may can already offer you a spot, otherwise you will be placed on the waiting list. As soon as we can offer you a place, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities further. Our Customer Care team confirms each registration by email once it has been processed.

What does it mean if I register my child?

Registering means that you register your child for one of our branches, with no obligation and free of charge. So, you are not committed to anything yet. You can register for a maximum of three branches at the same time. After you have registered your child, we will start with your registration immediately. You will receive a confirmation as soon as your application has been processed. As soon as a place is available, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities further. In the meantime, you are of course very welcome to come by for a tour.

What are your opening times?

We are open from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm and offer extended childcare until 7:00 pm.

How does extended childcare work?

You may find that there are times when you are stuck in traffic, your appointment is delayed or your work meeting goes on later than planned. We understand that this can sometimes happen and therefore you are unable to collect your child(ren) on time. That is why we offer extended childcare until 7:00 pm. During these extended hours, we will provide your child with an extra bottle or sandwich. Extended childcare is extra care in addition to your regular contract and is charged at €5 for every 15 minutes that comes into effect.

When are the locations closed?

CompaNanny is closed on official public holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, King's Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On 24 December and 31 December our branches close at 5:00 pm.. In addition to that, we are closed for a maximum of two days a year as a result of employee training days. We inform parents/guardians of these at least three months prior to the relevant day.

Can contracts be temporarily terminated?

No, it is not possible to temporarily cancel or pause the contract, as we are unfortunately unable to hold a place until a later time. We can, however, put you back on the waiting list and contact you when there are opportunities to restart.

When does the contract for my child expire?

The contracts for Daycare and Kindergarten end automatically when your child turns 4 years of age. If you then wish to use our After-School Care service, please remember to register your child well in advance. You can arrange this directly via the website, but of course you can always contact our Customer Care team by phone or email.

How can I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your contract with a notice period of one month and on the 1st or 16th day of the month. We work with a minimum placement of two months after the start of the contract. You can change or cancel your contract by sending an email to info@compananny.nl.

Do After-School Care contracts include full day care during teacher training days and/or school holidays?

Our After-School Care service is open all day during school holidays and teacher training days, and your child is able (and welcome) to come for the whole day. With every After-School Care contract (with the exception of our locations in Haarlem), you also receive a strip ticket of 50 extra hours per school year for you to use when needed; for example, to get childcare on other days that school is closed, such as strike days.

I would like to cancel my contract before my child starts with you, how does that work?

Cancellation is completely free of charge up to four months before the start date. All you need to do is send an email to info@compananny.nl informing us of your decision.
If, however, you cancel the contract – partially or fully – within four months before the start date, there are unfortunately costs involved. In such instances, we apply a requirement of minimum two months’ placement or cancellation costs equal to the first month of childcare.

How does the Parent Portal work?

In addition to the verbal handover, the Parent Portal is an important means of communication between parents/guardians and Nannies. You can use the Parent Portal to send and receive messages, view photos of your child and read announcements from Nannies or the Branch Manager. Furthermore, you can also arrange administrative matters regarding the care of your child with ease, such as reporting your child’s absence from the relevant service or requesting an extra day or exchange day. The parent portal is a private environment, so the privacy of your child is guaranteed. Pictures are not shared on our website, social media or other external channels without parental permission. 

How do I access the Parent Portal?

Twenty-eight days before the start date of your contract, you will automatically receive an email with a password link that gives you access to the Parent Portal. After you have activated your account via the link, you can log in in two ways: via an app on your smartphone and tablet or via the computer. The app can be found under ‘OuderApp van Konnect’ in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

Can I have the childcare allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag) transferred directly to CompaNanny?

For a number of branches, it is possible to have the childcare allowance transferred directly. Unfortunately, this is not (yet) possible at the other branches. Below is an overview of the locations for which it is possible:

  • CompaNanny WFC
  • CompaNanny Prinsenhof
  • CompaNanny Schiphol Rijk
  • CompaNanny WFC BSO
  • CompaNanny Atlas Arena
  • CompaNanny Titiaan
  • CompaNanny Oegstgeest
  • CompaNanny Kralingen
  • CompaNanny Bachzaal
  • CompaNanny Benoordenhout
  • CompaNanny Amstelveen
  • CompaNanny Voorburg
  • CompaNanny Schiphol Centrum
  • CompaNanny Ruysdaelkade
  • CompaNanny Eerste Helmers

How can I transfer my childcare allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag) directly to CompaNanny?

For a number of branches, it is possible to have the childcare allowance transferred directly to CompaNanny. If this is possible for your branch, you can inform the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) via the website toeslagen.nl that they can transfer your childcare allowance directly to CompaNanny.

To report this, log in to toeslagen.nl using your DigiD. Under the heading ‘wijzigingen doorgeven – kinderen’ (submit changes – children), you will find the option: ik wil de kinderopvangtoeslag aan de kinderopvang laten uitbetalen (I want to have the childcare allowance paid directly to the childcare). You will need to provide the LRK number of the relevant branch, and you can find this in your contract or on the specific branch page of our website’s Locations section. Once you have passed the LRK number on to the Tax and Customs Administration, it will take about six to eight weeks for the change to take effect. Keep in mind that during this period it is possible that we will still collect the full invoice amount from you. From the moment we receive the first childcare allowance payment, we will deduct this from your invoice amount.

What is childcare allowance?

If you plan to use our Daycare, Kindergarten or After-School Care services, you can apply for a childcare allowance from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). Childcare allowance is a contribution the government provides towards the costs of childcare. The amount of childcare allowance is determined by your (joint) gross income and the number of children within the family using childcare. In addition, this contribution also depends on the Daycare, Kindergarten or After-School Care costs and the number of hours that you, as parents/guardians, work.

Am I eligible for childcare allowance?

Eligibility for childcare allowance depends on a number of conditions. These are:

  • The children living in the home are registered at your home address.
  • The childcare costs are paid for by you, as a parent/guardian, or by your fiscal partner.
  • You and your partner both work or receive an allowance from the municipality or UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen; Employee Insurance Agency) under the Childcare Act.

You can find out whether you are eligible for childcare allowance on https://ap.lc/AEUmz.

How can I calculate my childcare allowance?

On belastingdienst.nl/rekenhulpen/toeslagen (only available in Dutch) you can make a test calculation of the childcare allowance for your specific situation. This way you know exactly how much allowance you can receive.

Why does CompaNanny need my and my child’s BSN (Citizen Service) number?

Childcare organisations are obliged to have the Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer; BSN) of parents/guardians and that of their child. The BSN is required, among other things, for the annual submission of childcare data to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (annual statements). Without these BSNs, the Tax and Customs Administration will not register the childcare data. When checked by the Tax and Customs Administration, this can ensure that the Tax and Customs Administration repay your childcare allowance.

Where can I find the LRK number of my location?

You can find the LRK number on your contract or on the specific location page of our website’s location section.

How can I make a complaint?

We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied and that you wish to make a complaint. You can discuss your complaint directly with your Branch Manager. Branch Managers are responsible for the day-to-day business of the childcare centre and are the correct person to file your complaint with. They will work with you to find a solution. If you are unable to resolve the matter together with the Branch Manager, you can share your complaint in writing with the complaints coordinator via klachtencoordinator@compananny.nl. The complaints coordinator will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the complaint.

Can I get a tour of the location?

Absolutely! You can request a tour via the website. A tour will give you a good sense of the branch, our working method and our people. Once you have submitted a request for a tour, the branch will contact you directly to make an appointment. We do however ask you to register first, free of charge and without any obligation, so that we know who is walking around the branch.

How many Nannies are there in the groups?

CompaNanny works according to the guidelines of the Innovation and Quality of Childcare Act (Innovatie en Kwaliteit Kinderopvang; IKK). This means the following:

  • 1 Nanny per 3 children aged 0-1 years
  • 1 Nanny per 5 children aged 1-2 years
  • 1 Nanny per 8 children aged 2-4 years
  • 1 Nanny per 10 children older than 4 years
Do you work with horizontal or vertical groups?

At CompaNanny we mainly work with horizontal groups (groups with peers). This means that the groups are divided according to age. We have Baby groups (0-2 years), Infant-Toddler groups (1-4 years), and Toddler groups (2-4 years). At our locations in Haarlem, we do work with vertical groups. There, the groups are comprised of age categories of 0-4 years and 1-4 years. All our After-School Care groups are generally divided into After-School Care Junior (4-7 years) and After-School Care Club (7-12 years).

How can I reach my child’s group?

The contact telephone number can be found on the specific Locations page of our website’s Locations section. When you call the branch, you will hear a selection menu. You can then choose the number of your child’s group. You can also send the group a direct message via the Parent Portal

When am I invoiced?

You will receive your invoice by email on the 15th of each month (excluding weekends and public holidays).

What if my invoice is incorrect?

If your invoice is incorrect, you can send an email to info@compananny.nl with your invoice number and the desired adjustments.

I have a query about a payment. Who should I contact?

You can email queries about payments to debiteuren@compananny.nl.

When will payment be collected?

Payments are made by direct debit on the 1st working day of the month, and are pertaining to the ensuing month. For example, payment for childcare for the month of August is collected on 1 July. It may therefore be that, if you have a quick start, you will pay once for two months.

What are the costs for childcare?

We apply a fixed hourly rate per service. The costs are calculated per month, based on the number of days that you use childcare. The costs may vary per branch. The rates can be found on the specific Locations page of our website’s Location section.

How can I calculate my costs?

You can calculate your personal situation, instantly and anonymously, with the help of our calculation tool. This gives you a clear picture of your gross and net childcare costs.