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That's why exercise makes you smarter!

2021-08-05 00:00:00

Written by Amber Simons

Whether you're good at hockey, swimming, archery or athletics; it's all there (and more!) during the Olympic Games. This year the Olympic Games are not only in Tokyo, but also at CompaNanny. Because this year the BSO Summer programme is all about the CompaLympics!

The CompaLympics
At the BSO's it's all about the Olympics for 6 weeks. Our Nannies organise different kinds of activities and games, just like the Olympic Games. 
Moving and discovering different sports and cultures plays a central role.

Why exercise is important
That sport and exercise are good for the motor development and physical health of children is nothing new. During movement, three quarters of all brain cells are active and involved. Not only to control the muscles, but also to communicate with the senses and each other. This ensures that exercise álso has a positive influence on the social, emotional and cognitive development of children!

The effect of movement on development
Exercise is good for memory, attention, understanding and learning. This is because our brains are sensitive to the positive effects of movement and this affects the cognitive functions of the brain. For example, exercise literally enlarges the hippocampus, which is very important for memory, just as much in children as with adults. And because the heart pumps blood faster through their body when they move, the brain receives more oxygen, which in turn is very good for their concentration! And did you know that exercise helps children to express themselves and work together better? Exercise also increases their self-esteem and self-confidence. 
When children exercise, this also affects the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. So by exercising children sleep well and have a better sleep rhythm. Exercise also causes the release of happiness hormones in our brains and this makes everyone happier! 

The Summer Programme
To make sure that the children at the BSO get as much exercise as possible this summer (and to let them benefit from the advantages of movement), various activities are offered during the Summer Programme. These are diverse activities with something fun for everyone. Children can get in touch with different kinds of sports and games, which they have not yet experienced. In this way, they learn new things! Or they may recognise certain activities because they match their own interests. In both ways, children's curiosity is aroused, their creativity stimulated and they can develop their own identity. 
With this Summer Programme we ensure that the holiday period is not only fun, but also good for development!

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