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Founder Bas Beek was introduced to the world of childcare for the first time in 2001. He saw that many things could be improved. “Childcare is such a beautiful and important task, because the children of today are the adults of tomorrow,” says Bas. “The better children are supported in their development, the more the planet and society will benefit from this in the future. I thought childcare should be more qualitative. And so I gave up my job and started working in childcare to experience myself what could be improved.”

Here, we take you through the highlights of almost 20 years of CompaNanny!

The beginning

Bas saw what could be improved and what needed to be improved. He continues to develop his concept and visits up to 50 potential locations. Diederik Six and Jiska Horn join us and the three of them continued together. The first CompaNanny branch opened in 2003, in the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam.

The CompaNanny logo with the elephants

Elephants take care of the children of others all their lives. They even consider them their own. That is why elephants are featured in CompaNanny’s logo. Moreover, elephants are considered one of the most intelligent animals around. They have the ability to learn, have a sense of humour, are self-aware and have a good memory. ‘Creating tomorrow’ emphasises our mission and makes it evident that we realise today’s children represent the world of tomorrow.  

The introduction of the Pedagogic Coach

At each location, the Pedagogic Coach is responsible for the implementation of our Pedagogic Vision and working method on the groups. They ensure that the pedagogic quality of our childcare remains high and they support the children, the Nannies and parents/guardians. In 2019, the government made the implementation of a Pedagogic Coach mandatory at every childcare centre.

The warm lunch

A healthy diet is an important part of CompaNanny’s Pedagogic Vision. That is why we started a collaboration with Moekes Maaltijd. From now on, the children receive a warm, organic lunch every day. To this day, both children and parents/guardians still like this very much!

The CompaNanny Parent Portal is live

We launched the CompaNanny Parent Portal, which allows parents/guardians to get an impression of what their child experiences during a day at CompaNanny. The Parent Portal app offers you one place to access the digital diary, view photos of your child, communicate with the Nannies and handle all administrative matters concerning the care of your child.

Collaboration with the Join for Joy foundation

Together with the Join for Joy foundation, we are committed to giving children a better future. As part of our partnership, every year two CompaNanny employees go to Africa to join the Kick-Off of a sports and game programme for primary-school students. During these days, the teachers of 20 primary schools are trained and sports days are organised for more than 300 children. This way, teachers gain insight into the importance of sport for a child’s development while they also experience the fun of sports and games.

The first CompaTalks

We want as many children as possible to benefit from our views and ideas on the development of children. Therefore we decided to share all our knowledge. Therefore we launched CompaTalks, an educational event for everyone who is interested in child development. During this event we talk about the most current visions and trends in child development and child education. Knowledge, stories and ideas from speakers that are worth sharing.

CompaNanny Kids on YouTube

Our own YouTube channel for children – CompaNanny Kids – is live! With this channel, our goal is to activate children and stimulate their creativity, just like at our branches. In the videos, filmed by our own Nannies, we encourage children to dance, sing, go on an adventure, relax every now and then, and much more!