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The hourly rates for 2019 you find below and the childcare allowance table for 2019 has been adjusted based on the Dutch government’s measures. Working or student parents/guardians with children who attend childcare may qualify for childcare allowance. This allowance is different per family situation. With the aid of CompaNanny’s new calculation tool, you can calculate your personal situation instantly and anonymously, so that you can get a clear indication of your gross and net childcare costs. You can change the settings to the English version by switching from Nederlands to English.

Our Customer Care team will help you and answer any questions you may have regarding our placement policy, contracts and timing.

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Rates 2019

Rates 2019

  • Nursury rate: € 9,05
  • Playgroup rate: € 9,05
  • After-School Care rate: € 8,25

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