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CompaNanny is there for the whole family, including you as a parent/guardian. We dedicate time for handovers at the beginning and end of the day and discuss how your child is feeling and what is going on. You can always contact us with questions about the upbringing and development of your child. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and regularly organise (online) training sessions for parents/guardians and provide a platform for external experts during our CompaTalks.

Personal handovers and digital diary

Personal handovers and digital diary

There is always a personal handover at the beginning and end of the day. In addition to that, you can access the Parent Portal at the end of the afternoon and read how your child’s day went. In this digital diary, the Nannies writes what your child ate, when they slept and what activities took place.

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The Pedagogic Coach

The development of children lies at the heart of CompaNanny’s comprehensive Pedagogic Vision. The Pedagogic Coach is responsible for the implementation of CompaNanny’s Pedagogic Vision at each location. They ensure that the pedagogic quality of our childcare remains. The Pedagogic Coaches are there for the children, for the Nannies and for you as a parent/guardian.

What questions can you contact the Pedagogic Coach with?

You can contact the Pedagogic Coach for all your questions regarding the upbringing and development of your child, such as:

  • Eating & sleeping
  • Defining boundaries
  • Communicating with your child

For example, it is possible that your child is wanting to start to sit and crawl, but the Child Healthcare Centre says that they are still ‘too young’ for that. Are you therefore supposed to prevent your child from trying? Or your toddler doesn’t want to eat warm food. How do you deal with that? These are just two examples of questions that you can contact our Pedagogic Coach for.

The Pedagogic Coach
Exclusive workshops for CompaNanny parents/guardians

Exclusive workshops for CompaNanny parents/guardians

During the ‘CompaNanny Insights’ workshops, we share our knowledge about pedagogic themes and discuss practical tips that you can apply at home. Our internal, experienced trainers will take you through topics like:

  • Setting boundaries with love. Boundaries are valuable for emotional security and moral development. We discuss how setting boundaries can positively influence your relationship.
  • Being a relaxed parent/guardian. We discuss how you can combine all your roles and responsibilities in a more fun and relaxing way.
  • How to talk to kids. With the help of communication, you can make children believe in themselves and make them feel heard and understood.
  • Self-confidence. By literally and figuratively giving children space, they start to believe in themselves. During this workshop we discuss how you can help and stimulate your child with this.

External experts speak at CompaTalks

During our recurring CompaTalks we take you through the most current visions and trends in the field of child development and child-rearing. We want to touch the audience with short, inspiring talks and give them something to think about. Ideas and new insights from speakers that are worth sharing. We look at pedagogy in the broadest sense of the word and focus on various topics that broaden and deepen our knowledge.

The CompaTalks are concluded with (online) face-to-face time that allows us to share knowledge and experience with each other. In this way we all work together for a better world; the world of tomorrow!

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External experts speak at CompaTalks


CompaNanny also has its own podcast: The Opvoedcast!

De Opvoedcast is a podcast made by CompaNanny, especially for parents with young children. In De Opvoedcast all kinds of topics concerning parenting and child development are discussed. It is a helpline for parents who are so overwhelmed they can't see the wood for the trees.

Coaches Amber and Laurie discuss practical tips, useful facts and valuable insights based on the questions sent in by listeners.
For example about why your baby can't fall asleep without you, why your toddler insists on doing everything himself, how time-outs are pointless and how best to start with potty training.
Listen to the podcast and get inspired about what you can do about this! We give the answer to all your parenting questions, all based on our knowledge and experience as parenting experts, scientific research and the methods of CompaNanny.
Every two weeks there is a new episode and you can get advice on everything you encounter in raising your child(ren).

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