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2021-05-12 00:00:00

Written by Amber Simons

CompaNanny now has its own podcast: De Opvoedcast !

A podcast especially made for all parents who are so overwhelmed with advice that they can no longer see the wood for the trees. A helpline, for all your questions about parenting and child development.
Based on questions submitted by listeners, coaches Amber and Laurie discuss practical tips, valuable insights and useful facts. For example, about why your baby can't fall asleep without you, why your toddler insists on doing everything himself, why giving time-outs is pointless and how best to start with potty training. We give the answers!
All based on our knowledge and experience educational experts, on scientific research and on the working methods of childcare organisation CompaNanny. Listen in every two weeks and get inspired about everything you encounter in raising your child(ren).

Read more about De Opvoedcast and learn about the episodes, or listen directly via Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

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