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A good start after the summer holidays

2021-08-17 00:00:00

Written by Amber Simons

At the beginning of summer, they stretch out endlessly; those 6 weeks of summer holidays. You notice by everything that it is time for your children (and yourself) to enjoy a nice vacation. The days quickly fill up with things like days out, building huts in the garden, sleepovers, evenings of BBQ'ing and a couple of weeks camping; it's a great time! But before you know it, holidays are over and school and BSO will start again.

Getting used to it again 
It's not just adults who have to adjust after a few weeks' holiday; children also have to get used to the new situation. How do you help your children get a good start after the summer holidays? How do you manage to get up on time again and - more importantly - arrive at school on time? And what if things don't go as smoothly as they should? Or maybe your child is going to school for the first time? The following applies to all of this: Good preparation is half the battle!

Clear closure
To end the holiday in style, it is fun to think up a special ritual or activity together that marks the transition from the end of the holiday to the start of the new school year. You can think of baking cookies, making a drawing or going on a day trip together. No doubt your child will have some great ideas of their own. Making this a tradition gives it more meaning and makes it very clear to your child what transitition is involved.

Read and talk about it
Reading about going back to school together can help prepare your child for this transition. You can find specific books about going to school in bookshops and libraries. Reading together about school and going to school and BSO helps your child prepare and gives them the opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns. Many children are often thinking about the fact that school will start again soon. This way you create space to talk about it and implicitly show your child that it is OK to be preoccupied with it. 

Rhythm offers rest
Getting back into the rhythm of school days in time makes getting up early and the stress of the morning rush hour a lot easier to do. By going to bed on time and setting the alarm again in the week before school starts, the rhythm shifts a little and there will be more peace and structure once school starts again.

Plan moments of rest
The first few weeks back at school can be quite hectic. Everyone has to get used to it again, the first playdates are made, the sport and music lessons start again and there may be homework to be done. You can anticipate this by not overloading the days right away and giving your child the space and rest he needs to start again after those weeks of holiday.

Pack your bag 
It is very practical to check together whether your child has everything he or she needs for school. Is it necessary to buy new gym equipment? Does your child need other materials for school? And has that leaking drinking cup already been replaced? Pack the school and gym bag together, prepare some clothes for the first day and check the bicycle; this way you can let your child start the new school year with peace of mind!