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Children and parents about us

Children and parents/guardians are our most important ambassadors! That is why we asked them to share their thoughts about CompaNanny. In the videos below, our children share their thought about CompaNanny, about what they think of a day at CompaNanny, the food and what they think of the future. Parents/guardians also share their thought about us, about their experiences with getting used to the group, our pedagogical vision, working method and the Nannies.


Children about the food at CompaNanny

At CompaNanny, we believe healthy food is essential for an optimal development. Here, our children tell you what they eat at CompaNanny and what they like best. And listen to the song we sing at mealtimes.

Children about the future

We believe in a better world and believe children are the creators of the future. But how do they actually see the future? And how do they see themselves in it? Check out here what our children have to say about this.

Children about CompaNanny

Hear what our children have to say about what they all play with, why CompaNanny is so much fun and what they think of the Nannies.


Parents/guardians about starting with childcare

At CompaNanny we devote time and attention to the settling period. How do parents/guardians experience this first period at CompaNanny? Check out their stories here.

Parents/guardians about the quality of CompaNanny

We want to contribute to the development of children by supporting them as optimally as possible. But what do parents/guardians think of our working method? Check out here what they say about it.

Parents/guardians about our Nannies

Who works at CompaNanny? What makes them the best Pedagogic Employees? Parents/guardians talk about the Nannies at CompaNanny.