The Playgroup

CompaNanny’s Playgroup is a place of great discovery. Here, toddlers between the ages of two and four years can come and spend a whole morning exploring different worlds together with their friends. Through the worlds of music, sports, games, theatre, nature, art and creativity, they will discover where their interests lie, and what they are good at. With a comprehensive programme of activities, and the right pedagogic support, we accompany them on their adventures every step of the way.

The Playgroup’s activities programme

The Playgroup’s activities programme

During the year, the toddlers will get acquainted with the different worlds. In music, for example, they will focus on a different instrument each time, as well as a great deal of singing. Sport and games will focus on motor skills, and they will experience toddler yoga and ball games.

We organise the activities ourselves, or in collaboration with organisations such as the Amsterdam Music School, Yogaleentje and Moments4Kids. We begin each day by eating some fruit together, and of course we also give the children ample opportunity to play independently.

Preparation for primary school and after-school care

During the playgroup’s morning session, the children will practice the qualities and skills they will need in primary school in a fun and playful way. These skills include working together, waiting their turn and concentration. The five worlds of discovery the children will encounter are based on the pedagogic philosophy and working methods that we also use at our After-School Care.

Practical information

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