The Nursery

When you first come to a nursery, you’re not just handing over your child, you’re also handing over a great deal of responsibility. Which is why it’s only natural for you to expect a lot from the nursery in question. For one, it’s important that your child is taken care of in a loving, caring way, and that your wishes and concerns are heard and taken into account. As far as our Nannies are concerned, it goes without saying that they build a deep and personal relationship with everyone. Our nurseries offer a peaceful and safe environment for children aged 0 to 4 years. During this period of a child’s life, he/she goes through many different phases, and develops many different skills. Each child is different, and has his/her own unique pace and manner of development. Because of this, we do a lot more than just give your child loving and practical care; we also provide each child with the special attention and play materials he/she needs to encourage his/her development. Your child is challenged in the right measures, and thus learns to discover what he/she can do by him-/herself. Get more information on our Pedagogic Philosophy.


What does CompaNanny offer?

• A warm and fresh lunch (97% organic) for children aged 9 months and older.
• Diapers, nutrition, special diets and consumables are all included in the price.
• The best people: Loving, caring and well educated 
  (50/50 ratio of MBO/HBO).
• Child Development Expertise: Support in all stages of your child’s development.
 A comfortable home away from home: Quiet furnished locations, with carefully selected play materials and a large garden.

Bilingual childcare

Flexible childcare

Some parents have changing work schedules and need flexibility when it comes to childcare. Therefore, a number of our branches offer 'month flex' and 'week flex' childcare service. With week- or month-flex, you are able to state in advance on which days or half days you will need childcare during a given week or month.