Privacy and cookies

CompaNanny adheres to the General Data Protection Act. Please go here to view CompaNanny’s Privacy Statement.



Our aim is to inform you as candidly and comprehensively as possible regarding the use of cookies on We use cookies to increase the user-friendliness of our website and to adjust advertisements and other content in accordance with your interest in one of our locations. You are free to opt out of cookies.

About cookies

Cookies are small bits of data that are stored on your computer. They enable us to anonymously collect information regarding the use of our website and improve and adapt it in accordance with the visitors’ preferences. Cookies do not contain any personal details. They are stored locally on your computer or phone. The cookies used by CompaNanny can be divided into functional, analytical, and tracking cookies.

Analytical cookies

These cookies enable us to measure the web-surfing behaviour of visitors to our website, enabling us to improve the layers of the information provided thereon and the ease of use.
•Google Analytics en Google Tag Manager: A tracking service that provides us with insight into visitors’ behaviour, with the aim of improving the user experience on our website and of CompaNanny’s online ads.

•Hotjar: A tracking service that enables us to find out which aspects of our website can be improved upon to create a better user experience.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of our website; they enable things such as automated login and automated filling out of your personal details, as well as saving your cookie preference.

Tracking cookies

Cookies that are used to record web-surfing behaviour, enabling us to show relevant ads or content about a location or service you are interested in across several domains. We do not share these tracking cookies with third parties.

•Google AdWords Cookies that collect information about how users utilise our website. This information is used to show specific users the most relevant ad on third-party websites (Google) based on their recent searches. Google Adwords uses session-based and persistent cookies for its advertising products.

•Facebook pixel: Cookies that collect information about how users utilise our website. This information is used to show specific users relevant Facebook ads on third-party websites (Facebook) based on their behaviour on our website.