Parenting support

Using scientific research and our own extensive experience, we are able to support you in your child’s upbringing and development. Naturally, that takes place during the day when your child is with us, but we are also available to answer any questions you may have, such as: “What’s the best way to potty train my child?”  “How can I help my daughter sleep better?”; “Is it normal my son isn’t walking yet, whilst his peers are?” and so on. Our Pedagogic Coach uses her experience as well pedagogic literature to answer all your questions and alleviate your concerns.
At CompaNanny, parents are always welcome to refer to the pedagogic handbook. This is a comprehensive book that describes in detail the different stages of a child’s development and why it is important that they develop these skills. Of course it also includes advice on how you can help them in their development. As mentioned, we believe it is important that your child develops optimally and gets all the opportunities. That's why we like to walk the extra mile!

The CompaNanny Guide

The CompaNanny Guide is an online platform - exclusive for CompaNanny's parents/guardians - that is full of information and inspiration about what children discover, experience and learn in the first years of their lives. In the CompaNanny Guide, you will find tips and tools you can use to provide your child(ren) with what they need in different development phases. Thus, we also provide you with an insight into CompaNanny's pedagogic vision and methods. 

Training for parents

Recently we started facilitating training for parents. Experienced trainers offer workshops and courses on pedagogical topics such as: "How can I best communicate with my child?" and "How do I deal with emotions such as anger and frustration." But also First Aid for Children is offered at our branches.

Parent portal

We use a digital book to accurately track your child’s development. This digital book can easily be referred to during the morning handover or evening collection when discussing any matters relating to your child. This ensures that, as a parent/guardian, you are kept well informed and constantly up-to-date.

Progress Update Meeting

Every six months, we hold a Progress Update Meeting, in which you and your Team Leader evaluate how things are going with your child and discuss where, if necessary, extra attention needs to be paid. And if you ever have any questions regarding parenting advice, you can always contact our Pedagogic Consultant.