The parent portal

The portal enables you to see and manage everything in one place, from administrative matters concering the care of your child, to getting an impression of what your child is experiencing at CompaNanny. And you can do so whenever and from wherever you want, making life as easy and convenient for you as possible. For example, you can request additional days or change to ask days, notify us of your child(ren)'s absence or send a message to your child's group. You can also view photos of your child while at CompaNanny,  read what Nannies have written every now and then in your child's dossier and you can find announcements and news-items that we have placed on the portal.

To the parent portal

Always up to date

Always up to date

With the parent portal you can:
  • View photos
  • Send and receive messages
  • Read and write in the digital notebook
  • Exchanging / requesting extra days for daycare and BSO
Photo policy

Photo policy

In the parent portal we can place nice photos of your child's activities. We only do so with your permission. You can give your permission by filling the form 'Photo permission parent'. Besides, this form describes how the photos are used and protected.