Healthy Diet

Fresh organic food

A focus on pedagogic matters is good, but your child must also develop well physically. And in order to do so, it is important to eat healthily and to have sufficient exercise. Therefore, we ensure that your child gets plenty of fresh foods, such as fibre, fruit and vegetables. We have developed our very own Nutrition Philosophy and modus operandi, which are based on the latest research in healthy eating.

Warm Lunch

Children from the age of 9 months are given a fresh warm lunch every day that has been freshly prepared by Moekes Maaltijd with mostly organic products (97%). By evening time, most children are tired, which means they may have less of an appetite for a warm meal. With Moekes Maaltijd’s lunches every day, we ensure that they do not miss out on any important nutritional resources. The meals are made specifically with children in mind; so not too spicy, no E-numbers and little to no salt.

More quality time with your child

What’s more, they discover new tastes and textures, and they do so together with their friends. By eating with their peers, they are often more prone to try new things with us than they would be – or even refuse to! – at home. Another advantage to this is that you do not need to cook as soon as you come home, giving you more time to enjoy quality time with your child each evening. 

Bewegen is gezond

Excercise is very important for good physical development. That is why we give children a lot of freedom of movement. The groups have climbing equipment and we go outside as often as possible to play in the spacious and adventurous gardens of CompaNanny.