Not only Child Care, but Child Development

Our loving, caring Nannies are experts in the field of child development and nurturing. They are well educated and continuously trained to recognise the different stages that every child goes through. They stimulate the children’s individual qualities and skills, which will result in them growing up to become happy and balanced people, and they help the children get the best out of themselves. 

In our Pedagogical Policy Plan you can read more about our mission, our pedagogical vision and the way in which we respond to the different development phases in which children find themselves.

Examples of our procedures
Child development at CompaNanny

Child development at CompaNanny

At CompaNanny, we believe in a better world. A place where people treat each other, and the world around them, with respect. Every day, we invest in the development of new generations that can contribute to this, because the first years of a child’s life are crucial in determining what kind of person he/she will become. This mission makes CompaNanny not just a childcare organisation, but a place where child development takes centre stage.

We guide children in forming their own values, so that they have a strong basis for growing into happy and grounded individuals, and so that they can instil these values in the world around them. The Nannies at CompaNanny take care of a safe environment and deliver the best support to their development. 
The 7 core values at CompaNanny

The 7 core values at CompaNanny

The following core values apply to us as a starting point:
• Respect for oneself, others and the world
• Self-confidence and authenticity
• Responsibility and decisiveness
• Curiosity and creativity

We challenge, inspire, and get the best out of children by stimulating essential skills through specific actions. 

Inspiring experts in the field of education

Inspiring experts in the field of education

The 7 core values are enhanced by our Nannies, who base their actions and knowledge on carefully selected components from proven pedagogic movements. Emmi Pikler, Reggio Emilia and How2Talk2Kids – these are the disciplines in which we train and guide our staff to ensure optimal child development.