CompaNanny After-School Care: only for curious kids!

Developing Talents

Is your child a natural musician, athlete or inventor? Children can explore their abilities at our After-School Care programme. In addition to skills like maths and writing that children learn at school, it is important that they are able broaden their horizons, get to know themselves, and learn to enjoy their talents. We pay a lot of attention to the talents lurking in every child at our After-School Care programme, and offer the perfect combination of activities and Nanny support to nourish these talents.

Starting school is a period of adjustment in a child’s life that takes some getting used to. They have to deal with a new environment, strange faces and lots of new things to learn. It is therefore so important to ensure that your child is well taken care of when the school day ends, and can go somewhere that is familiar and of comfort to them to relax. And that’s exactly what ASC Junior is: a place where children – especially the youngest of school attendees – can easily wind down. Children from the age of four are heartily welcome. We see that, from this age, children begin to explore their own interests, and we do everything we can to encourage and support them in this process.

ASC Junior can be found at the following locations:

After-School Care club: an adventure for older children

We offer an After-School Care club for our older children, which offers more challenges and greater attention to the interests of their age group. The children undertake adventurous expeditions to a cheese manufacturer, for example, or sail through the canals of Amsterdam, or visit an observatory. Age-relevant topics and the accompanying emotions are addressed, from being in love to bullying. The older children also play an important role in the daily happenings of the After-School Care programme. They make important decisions regarding the purchase of new toys, for example, or help to organise a sports day, or publish their own After-School Care newspaper. In this way, we ensure that older children develop greater responsibility and that the After-School Care programme remains challenging for them.

The After-School Care club is offered at the following branches:
Amsterdam 7th Montessori; Amsterdam WFC; Amsterdam Titiaan; Amsterdam Bachzaal; Amstelveen; BredaDen Haag Benoordenhout; Oegstgeest; Schiphol-Rijk and Voorburg.

After-School Care: holidays

Your child is also welcome at CompaNanny for entire days during school holidays or staff-development days when the children are free. It is even possible to bring your school-aged child to CompaNanny only during the holidays. Rates can be found on the branches page.