Is there an adjustment period for my child, and what does that involve?

Of course. CompaNanny offers an adjustment period of three days that starts before the date of the contract and lasts over an average of one to two weeks.One adjustment day takes place before the contract goes into effect, and the other two days take place afterwards.

During the three adjustment days, the number of hours per day increases gradually. Your child is present for between two and four hours during the first adjustment day. In order to let the transition from home to CompaNanny take place as gradually as possible, we ask parents/guardians to stay in the group with their child for the first half hour. This way, he or she will feel safe when you leave as you are giving 'permission' to a new person (the Nanny) to take care of him or her.


The second and third adjustment days take place following the start of the contract. Starting with the second adjustment day, parents/guardians stay less than half an hour with their child in the group. During the second adjustment day, the child stays in the group for between four and six hours, and during the third adjustment day between six and eight hours.

The team leader of your child's group will send you the adjustment plan for your child at least two weeks before the starting date. She will also invite you for an Intake Interview.

Why does CompaNanny have an adjustment period?

CompaNanny has an adjustment period for several reasons. Adjustment days are meant to ensure that the transition between home and CompaNanny happens as gradually as possible. The adjustment days also allow new children to become more fully acquainted with the Nannies and with the other children in the group, and to give parents/guardians the chance to get a feeling of the group. The adjustment period also helps children to feel at home in the group more quickly, as they are reassured by the caring connection they observe between their parents/guardians and the Nannies. On the first adjustment day, new children have a farewell moment with their parents/guardians so as to immediately experience being in the group without them. Children are picked up again after two and a half hours  on this first day, after having had a taste of contact with the Nannies and the other children.


What happens during an Intake Interview?

The Intake Interview happens prior to the first adjustment day. During the meeting, you will receive an information packet covering various practical matters. In addition, we will discuss the 'child card' that you have already received and filled in. Afterwards, you and your child will be taken to the group and introduced to the Nannies and the other children.