Corona and childcare at CompaNanny

We opened our doors again. On this page we will keep you informed about the corona measures and childcare at CompaNanny.


Important information to ensure the safety of our branches

We opened our doors again May 11th. We are happy to welcome the children back again. In order to ensure the safety at our branches, we adjust our way of working to the current measures.

Information about the our way of working to ensure the safety at our branches in the current situation, can be found here.

Compensation arrangement childcare

We can imagine that as a parent you will have many questions about the corona measures and childcare at CompaNanny.

Information about the compensation arrangement can be found here.
For Hazeltje by CompaNanny you will find information about the compensation arrangement here.

Emergency daycare

We still offer emergency daycare to ensure that parents in a critical profession can continue their work for society. The emergency daycare is intended for parents who both work in a crucial profession. If only one of the parents works in a crucial profession, we ask them to find a solution themselves on the days they do not receive childcare from CompaNanny according to their contract. In case this is not an option, you can make use of the emergency daycare.

For parents in crucial professions, still applies the urgent call to not bring their child(ren) to the day care center or the after school care in the event of a cold, coughs or fever (from 38 degrees Celsius).

Guidelines from the Rijksoverheid (Government)

We explicitly follow the advice and guidelines of the national government, RIVM and the GGD. Frequently asked questions from parents about the consequences of the coronavirus for childcare can be found on the website of the Rijksoverheid (Government).

Do you have any questions?

Do you have another question and can't you find the answer on this page? Please contact our Customer Care team via via 020-4170117 of