Pedagogic Procedure & Playing Materials

Knowing everything about child development is one thing, making sure you offer the best possible support in this field is another matter. There are two important factors for this: a safe environment, both physically and emotionally; and consideration for the natural development of the child. Furthermore, in today's world, it is important that children do not become overwhelmed by too many stimuli, and are able to calmly process their feelings and impressions. Which is why CompaNanny provides a peaceful and safe environment, where the Nannies can guide and support the children through their development in a caring and personal manner.

The development of the most important skills is supported by elements from the following three pedagogic movements: the vision of Emmi Pikler, the ideas of Reggio Emilia, and the ‘How2Talk2Kids’ method.

Examples of our procedures in reality

Attention To Emotional Safety

Our Nannies are able to recognise and identify both the visible and the communicated feelings of children. They give the children the space to be themselves. Anger and sadness are, for example, two feelings that children may sense, and in which the Nannies will support them.

Passive Toys Make Active Children

Passive play materials, such as wooden toys, toilet rolls and cups, stimulate children’s imaginations and creativity. For this reason, we do not have any iPads or noisy toys within the groups.

All Phases Of Movement Are Important

At CompaNanny, we use a large playpen, which allows the smallest babies to play undisturbed. This gives them enough space to manoeuvre, which enables them to go through all the transitional phases – lying, crawling, sitting and finally, walking – themselves and at their own pace.
Children are just like adults
Every child has its own character and wants to be recognized and respected. That's why our Nannies always prepare children for what is coming by telling them what they are going to do. E.g. washing their faces. By preparing children in advance, they feel respected.