A comfortable second home

In order to ensure everyone feels instantly at home, our branches are furnished in a homely manner. In the sleeping room, your child gets his/her own bed to which they can become accustomed, and our groups are set up in a spacious way with various fun play areas. In order not to overexcite the children, we keep the groups cosy and calm; we avoid having too many vibrant colours, crafted items and decorations on display. Each group has its pantry with kitchen so that the Nanny can stay within the group and watch over the children whilst preparing food. This is also the case with changing tables: each group has its own so that the Nanny stays present in the area whilst changing a nappy. For safety reasons, the groups are all linked to each other via glass doors. As parents, you receive a special pass that grants you access.

Long opening times

All our branches are open daily from 07.30 until 20.00. This allows you to bring your child in early, and means you do not have to rush when collecting your child after work. In short, you never have to be stressed during those peak times of the day.