Progress update meetings

Every six months, we hold a Progress Update Meeting, in which you and your Team Leader evaluate how things are going with your child and discuss where, if necessary, extra attention needs to be paid. And if you ever have any questions regarding parenting advice, you can always contact our Pedagogic Consultant. Click here to find out what our parents think of CompaNanny.


Parent evenings

At CompaNanny, we organise regular sessions for parents, which, for example, focus on topics relating to education or development, or in which we show what takes place on-site on a daily basis via a film. What's more, we use these sessions – as well as the Parent’s Advisory Committee (PAC) – to ask you to brainstorm with us ways in which we can improve certain things at CompaNanny.

Information and evaluation for parents

We use a special book to accurately track your child’s development. This book can easily be referred to during the morning handover or evening collection when discussing any matters relating to your child. This ensures that, as a parent/guardian, you are kept well informed and constantly up-to-date.