CompaNanny at Home: Our Nannies make a difference to your family

Combining your family life with your work can be challenging: you want to do your best in both. So having a Nanny at home may well be the ideal solution. CompaNanny at Home offers Nannies who provide families with the right kind of loving support. With more than 10 years experience in child care, we have a professional team that is skilled in effectively selecting and pairing the right Nanny for your family. What’s more, they also provide professional guidance and ongoing support to both families and Nannies. All of our Nannies have a pedagogic background, and are trained in, and continuously updated on, our own Pedagogic vison.
Do you want a peaceful and stable environment for your family? Are you looking for extra help with household chores and the running of your home? And do you want a Nanny who will challenge your child(ren) and support their development in the right way? Then we have the solution for you; our Nannies make a difference to your family.

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Advantages of CompaNanny at Home

  • A stable, peaceful environment for your family and help with household chores and the daily running of home life, such as collecting your child(ren) from school, cooking meals and cleaning.
  • A loving, caring and experienced Nanny who has been carefully selected (based on training, CV, references and interviews) to meet your family’s needs and wishes.
  • Child Development Expertise: our Nannies work according to, and following, our successful Pedagogic vison and working methods.
  • Support from an expert Pedagogic team.
  • One central administration point.
  • Good replacements provided in instances of illness.
  • When combining CompaNanny at Home with other forms of CompaNanny childcare, we ensure a constant continuity in your child(ren)’s development.

Contact details and more information

We will be happy to answer any queries you may have, and to help you find a solution that best suits your family. Please do not hesitate to contact our Accountmanager Saar on (020) 417 0117 or via
If you wish to find out more about CompaNanny at Home, please click on the 'MORE' button. Click here for the inspectierapport (inspection report) of CompaNanny at Home in the Landelijk Register Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen (LRKP). In this LRKP you can also find the rapporten van alle gastouders (reports of our Nannies) who work via CompaNanny Thuis.